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short biography

SofiaG is a scientist and a photographer born in Greece. Her career has given her the opportunity to relocate to the Netherlands and to Switzerland and to extensively travel around the world. Influenced strongly by the colors of the Agean Sea, the vibrant city life of Athens and Amsterdam and the strong antitheses of the Swiss mountainous landscapes, she experimented with a wide variety of photographic themes. Very much like the changing experiences in her life, a strong dynamic and expression is reflected in her work. Airports, stations, seaside stories, mountains. People on the move.

Based on her scientific studies on nano-structures and her recent focus on digital design and architecture, her photographic projects are in a continuous quest for connections between the microscopic structures found in nature and the human-made expression of form and function that surrounds us. Both are encountered in different levels of complexity and in a variety of colors, shapes and forms. Photographically, this exploration is translated to images that probe further than the surface. The ultimate aim is to alter the obvious with an infusion of sentiment and illusion.

Currently, she lives in Switzerland, where she continues to transform her photographic canvas with new ideas. She is constantly (re)inventing herself as an artist, plunging also into the field of digital design: currently she is developing an interactive project that connects digital arts with contemporary dance.

SofiaG has participated in several exhibitions, both with her photography and with her digital design artworks. A list of exhibitions you can find under: exhibitions

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