the Attractive City Generator (ACG)

The ACG is a tool to educate people how cities could be created in many ways and different settings in a very playful way. We want to bring everyone closer to architecture, to inspire people for our field of activity and to encourage creativity. Our goal is to make people aware of social condititons in an urban network and encourage them to take part in decisions - involve people into the process of urban planning . We as urban planners are only setting the basic rules for the city as a basic framework. Instead of using a mouse or a keyboard, the application is designed much more intuitively and contextually for the user. The information can thus be presented in an approachable and playful manner.
The ACG is an interactive installation by: Sofia Georgakopoulou, Stefanie Sixt and Edyta Augustynowicz.

the ACG v1 - official movie

ETHZ CAAD MAS,, prof. dr. L. Hovestadt. In Collaboration with: Benjamin Dillenburger - Michael Hansmeyer - Steffen Lemmerzahl


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